Tour Details & Pricing

On your tour, you are guaranteed* to see at least one Cape Cod Great White Shark, although the majority of our customers are able to view five to ten plus sharks in one outing.

The Cape Cod White Sharks that we view vary in size from smaller sharks in the range of 8-10 feet long, to much larger sharks pushing 20 feet long.

Once leaving the dock, we will run across one of Cape Cod’s inner waterways.   Occasionally, we will be able to spot sharks inside of the bays, although the vast majority of the Cape Cod Great White Shark viewing will take place on the outer beaches of Cape Cod.   The waters in which we view the sharks will vary in depths from 4 to 15 ft.  The underwater white sandbar tidal flats give us a beautiful viewing point for these sharks.

Our Cape Cod Great White Shark tours are an excellent way to view not only the Great White Sharks, but also the diverse aquatic ecosystem of Cape Cod.  On your trip you will likely see many ocean dwelling birds, feeding fish, seals, and other wildlife in addition to the pinnacle of the trip: the North Atlantic Great White Shark.

Great White Sharks are a protected species and we treat them as such.  We are viewing them in their natural habitat and do so in a way that we do not disturb them.  We often times get close to the sharks without interrupting them, but if a shark’s behavior shows any sign that it feels threatened or uneasy, we will back off and search for another shark.

We recommend wearing polarized sunglasses on your trip for a better viewing experience. We also suggest you pack sunblock, a snack or lunch, drinks, a camera, and that you dress in layers. If you have any additional questions please use the contact page to reach out.

*So far, we have had an excellent success rate, but if for some reason no sharks are observed during your trip you will receive a 50% discount off the cost of your tour.

**Please note, all tours are subject to suitable weather conditions.

Trip Cost

Cost is per boat. Includes gas, spotter pilot, all related equipment needed for the trip.

Number of Passengers

Maximum Passengers
Due to Coast Guard regulations, trips are limited to 6 guests, not including captain and crew.

Trip Duration

Trip duration is calculated from the time we launch the boat from the ramp to the time we return to the ramp. Trip time varies depending on distance to sharks. Pilot will be overhead for 1.5 hours of the trip.


July - Oct
Tours are booked beginning in early- to mid-July, once the sharks show up in good numbers, through October.

Launch Locations

Sesuit Harbor
74 Cold Storage Road, Dennis, MA 02660


Bass River
220 South St., South Yarmouth, MA 02664


River Road
99 River Rd.
Orleans, MA 02653