About White Shark Tours Cape Cod

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Captain Cullen Lundholm

Captain Cullen Lundholm is a second-generation waterman on Cape Cod.  He has been earning a living off the waters surrounding Cape Cod for well over a decade and has built a successful fishing charter business, which has expanded into also offering White Shark eco tours.

Captain Cullen began offering guided Cape Cod White Shark eco tours as the sharks began showing up in such large numbers over the last few years.  His vast experience and knowledge of the waters surrounding Cape Cod and the Islands due to his lifetime of fishing and boating experience enables him to provide insight to much of the natural habitat and fishing industry during your trip. Cullen has developed great working relationships with the spotter pilots he uses and works well with them to deliver an exceptional White Shark viewing experience for his customers.

Captain Tyler Putney

Captain Tyler Putney is certified with his 100 ton masters license and has over 10 years of experience fishing the waters surrounding Cape Cod and the Islands, fishing nearly every local species of fish and shellfish. Captain Tyler has also navigated the waters from the Gulf of Maine to Key West.

Captain Tyler has joined Captain Cullen in offering Cape Cod White Shark eco tours and has a proven record of consistently providing his customers with a great experience on the water every day!

The 33' Conch

The 28' Whitewater

Cape Cod Bay and the back side of Cape Cod are some of the most fertile habitats for Great White Sharks in the world.

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