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White Shark Experience
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Imagine yourself viewing these beautiful and mysterious creatures in their natural habitat, riding alongside them as they glide through the waters of Cape Cod.

Join us aboard fishing vessel Cape Star with Captain Cullen Lundholm and you will be able to view Cape Cod White Sharks on a private guided tour, observing the sharks in their natural habitat, capturing pictures, videos, and making memories that will last a lifetime.  Come join us for a Cape Cod Great White Shark tour this summer and see for yourself how magnificent and enormous these giants truly are!

The waters of the outer beaches of Cape Cod offer some of the best possible viewing experiences for Great White Sharks around the globe.  The shallow, clear, cold water coupled with white sandy bottoms offers a viewing experience that is second to none.  

We use a spotter pilot flying overhead to direct us to the Cape Cod White Sharks, so you can expect to have an excellent viewing experience.  We typically spot multiple Great White Sharks on each trip and come within a couple meters or less for excellent visibility.

See for yourself.

See what's in store for you on your private guided Cape Cod Great White Shark Tour in this video shot Summer 2019.

Watch as we head out to the back side of Cape Cod in search of Great White Sharks. Beautiful weather, excellent visibility, and a few nice sharks made for a very exciting afternoon.

About Your Trip

Once leaving the dock, we will run across one of Cape Cod’s inner waterways. Occasionally, we will be able to spot sharks inside of the bays, although the vast majority of the Cape Cod Great White Shark viewing will take place on the outer beaches of Cape Cod. The waters in which we view the sharks will vary in depths from 4 to 15 ft.  The underwater white sandbar tidal flats give us a beautiful viewing point for these sharks.

The Cape Cod White Sharks that we view vary in size from smaller sharks in the range of 8-10 feet to much larger sharks pushing 20 feet long.

Our Cape Cod Great White Shark tours are an excellent way to view not only the Great White Sharks, but also the diverse aquatic ecosystem of Cape Cod.  On your trip you will likely see many ocean dwelling birds, feeding fish, seals, and other wildlife in addition to the pinnacle of the trip: the North Atlantic Great White Shark.

Great White Sharks are a protected species and we treat them as such.  We are viewing them in their natural habitat and do so in a way that we do not disturb them. We often times get close to the sharks without interrupting them, but if a shark’s behavior shows any sign that it feels threatened or uneasy, we will back off and search for another shark.  

Please note, all tours are subject to weather conditions.

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